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Not only must every successful business today be an internet-savvy information outlet, but private companies can now afford to become “broadcasters” for their own products and services. This is a radical change for global communications and one every business should take advantage of.

Broadcast Beat Studios is set-up to give any sized business a level of brand identity never before available. We can produce and distribute video content across all the free distribution platforms now available on the internet. With a strong, high-level marketing message and professional video production, your business can be transformed into a powerful private television broadcaster.

Our experienced staff has produced NAB Show Live, one of the largest trade show broadcasts in the nation. We featured demos of more than 50 streaming video platforms over several days, converting the National Broadcasters Association into a global platform for the television industry. We have also produced numerous other live and virtual events for businesses, both large and small.

Because of our deep well of experience, Broadcast Beat Studios specializes in all kinds of video production services — from corporate and trade organizations to broadcast TV production. We develop, design and produce any kind of television content.

Whether its hybrid or virtual events, remotes or specialty production, our team of television and live event producers work together to build an unforgettable televised production for your global audience. Our faculties, via IP connectivity, spans the globe. We can work from anywhere.

Video is the bold new communications medium of this era. Press releases and product photos are passe. It’s the age of branded content. Many private companies have done promotion and training videos, but how many are beaming video content throughout the world over their own private “television station?” 

The opportunity is here today. With free distribution now available on multiple outlets, it is possible to be a global television broadcaster at a surprisingly low cost.

Billions of people worldwide are watching branded videos online. 

With free distribution outlets like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter, the reach of your corporate video will find audiences in virtually every country. All these outlets add up to a superior but very cost-effective new medium to market companies via multimedia.

Of course, there are no precise formulas for corporate success and each business must design a specific narrative and marketing plan tailored to its individual attributes. At Broadcast Beat Studios, we can assist with any part of the marketing plan — from the original idea to the creation of compelling stories that speak to specific audiences.

We work with our clients on a range of services to develop a full multimedia approach to any video project. We can come to your location to work with you in developing an approach to the marketing or we can record any live event on location. We have four full production studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, two with LED walls for virtual sets. We can handle the entire script to screen to distribution process.

Should you desire to create your video at your office or studio, our virtual production services allow the graphics, switching and editing tasks to done via IP at our facilities. Any part of your current video package can be interfaced with ours.

In considering how to use video programming to your company’s benefit on the internet, it is important to remember the concept of “stickiness.” When a site is “sticky,” potential customers will return frequently. This means creating information of value while simultaneously marketing your product.

When traces of your company are all over the internet, you are connecting with like-minded people in online communities. During live programming, we can even accept user comments and questions from your audience in real time using our audience interaction system.

Broadcast Beat Studios can automate a 24-hour “channel” for your company, allowing linear promotional and training programs to be streamed around the clock, or served on demand. Your choice. The era of the flexible and cost-effective corporate television station has arrived.

Think creatively about how your company can embrace this powerful communications medium and become a video presence throughout the world. The age of branded content is here and Broadcast Beat Studios can be your partner in every stage in the process.

(If you are interested in exploring the benefits of television production for your business, call Broadcast Beat Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at 754-238-3200.)

With the arrival of LED wall sets for virtual production, video production services have gotten more compelling at dramatically lower costs. Broadcast Beat Studios has two studios equipped with the latest LED video walls that can serve as virtual, immersive sets. Each is more than 50-feet wide and 12-feet high.

This remarkable new technology opens the door to creative sets that talent can interact with and even walk through. Forget green screens or traditional set props. Virtual production puts your set on an entirely new and more realistic level. It’s like normal production — with the added ability to look at visual props, effects or animation in real time. 

Using the LED wall as a backdrop for a set, video or computer-generated imagery can be displayed in real-time, as well as video plates of actual locations. With adjustment and calibration, a virtual production set can be made to closely approximate the appearance of a genuine set or outdoor location.

Virtual production contrasts with the traditional use of green screens in the studio. In a virtual world, the set is visible to the camera, actors and crew. Objects on the set are illuminated by light from the LED screen, creating highly realistic interactive lighting effects, 

The virtual background and foreground are captured directly on camera, complete with natural subtle cues like lens distortion, depth of field effects, bokeh and lens flare. This makes virtual production a far more natural experience that more closely approximates location shooting. The video production process is faster and more intuitive when using an LED wall for virtual production.

To render parallax depth cues correctly from the viewpoint of a moving camera, the system requires the use of match moving of the background imagery based on data from low-latency, real-time motion capture tracking of the camera. 

With pixel pitch being much tighter, the camera can be closer to the LED wall, making the set even more realistic to the eye. The reaction of the actors, narrators or presenters to these LED walls — where they can see the playback image — allows them to perform in the moment, just as having a real set on a real location. 

Virtual production sets can use 2D playback of photographic imagery on these giant LED set walls, or 3D tracking that moves with the camera so the image changes as it does on a real set. 

Think of some possible scenarios. Compelling video of a hurricane projected on the wall that can serve as an immersive set that your talent can move through. Images of your products on the video wall as your narrator moves about and promotes them. Your remote anchor hosts in front of live background scenes from the studio. The actual event is occurring miles away.

One can even do nighttime scenes. An example is the camera can shoot a table with the moonlight from the LED screen reflected on it. This is because the video wall can also act as its own light source. 

Broadcast Beat Studios can also make video plates that can be used as set backgrounds. For example, you want a background for your home city. We can shoot generic scenes tailor-made for background use on the set. This includes moving objects, such as cars or airplanes in transit. These are immersive, moving elements one cannot get it on a standard green screen.

Using video wall software, we can also manipulate logs and graphics on the LED screen, creating an amazing array of unique graphic images. Look at the video below for an idea of what can be done in a virtual production.  

Our Ncam hybrid video tracking system can track using any camera and lens combination without any reflective markers, working both in the studio or on location. The tracking and lens data is fed into a server for interpretation by a render or graphic engine. 

Ncam can track the position, orientation of the camera along with the lens data to enable the use of photorealistic 3-D graphics or backgrounds. Talent can stand next to, behind or even walk around an augmented reality graphic, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

With LED walls, sets can be changed very quickly, speeding up the production process and thus saving money. When used properly, virtual production brings a sea change to video production. It allows workflows to speed up and budgets to be shifted. Instead of frequent set changes and expensive shooting on multiple locations, producers can now shoot in a single studio in half the time.

This, accompanied with our control rooms with remote IP capability, allows a mix of on-location production of live events, while the anchor uses a virtual wall within our studio. With virtual production, producers are limited only by the imagination. Everything is now possible.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of virtual production in our studios, simply call Broadcast Beat Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at 754-238-3200.

REMI — you may have heard the term. Simply, it is a broadcast workflow where video content is captured live at a remote location while the switching, audio, graphics and other control is performed at a remote studio. REMI, needless to say, is a major advance in video production services.

REMI, short for REMote Integration, is a workflow where live event content is captured and sent via IP to a centralized remote broadcast production facility. From there, the final broadcast is produced, switched and distributed to traditional broadcasters or streaming platforms. REMI allows broadcasters to leverage a single production studio with multiple control rooms and produce multiple events simultaneously. This creates a massive cost difference from sending an OB truck, crew, and equipment to the events.

Remote production improves how broadcasters work, allocate resources and manage their production teams. Here are five reasons why broadcasters should consider REMI.

1. Reduce Costs
2. Utilize Existing Infrastructure
3. Improve Flexibility
4. Zero Geographic Barriers
5. Deliver More Live Content and Simultaneously!

Multi-camera programs can be created in much less time with stability and zero latency. In addition to live switching, powerful graphics and audio mixing can easily be integrated remotely into a program. Any video production is not only suitable for broadcast, but can be streamed on all social media platforms simultaneously.

In the past, remote production required expensive outside broadcast mobile units with satellite uplinks. Now, with the evolution of IP technology, most venues are equipped with broadband connections. Streaming video over these IP networks has lower latency than many satellite workflows and has become a major new option for remote television production. 

Let’s say you have a large corporate trade show or event that you want professionally produced on video. Save the high-cost of bringing a full remote production rig to the location. Instead, feed the cameras over an IP network to the Broadcast Beat Studio’s control rooms in Ft. Lauderdale. 

It’s the same for sports broadcasting, live events, news and documentary programming or any other remote television production. Want to mix a remote production with live production elements from a sound stage. We have four of them — two with LED walls and motion tracking to create virtual sets. We can also produce audio, insert precision graphics and do a whole slew of other visual effects.

This is all done over IP networks or satellites. We have redundancy many times over. We use Zixi’s modular Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, protocol, cloud and any edge device. We also use LTN Global and Digicaster, a tool for transmitting broadcast-quality video content over the internet, plus five fiber lines. With Broadcast Beat Studios, failure is not an option.

In addition, we offer KU-Band Satellite and various IP uplink technologies for network live shots. From a live feed for guest interviews to major video productions, our four studios can handle any size job.

Broadcast Beat Studios offers all sorts of remote video production technologies for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers and service providers around the world. We make it simple and economical to source, manage and distribute live events and live linear channels.

The economics of using REMI control is a no brainer on many levels. By using a central broadcast hub like Broadcast Beat Studios, producers can decrease setup time and simplify the on-site technology needed at any location — whether a major stadium or small theatre. 

Deploying mobile units and on-site production equipment is a very expensive proposition requiring massive investment in logistical planning, video hardware and support personnel. 

Setup times can be long and there can unexpected obstacles on any location. Then there is the coordination of staff schedules, travel and hotel arrangements. REMI eliminates all of this. With fewer people deployed in the field, producers can focus on using their existing resources to produce better programming. 

The recent pandemic has forced video producers to decentralize production workflows to include multiple production locations as well as home-based staff. This trend has enhanced low latency IP streaming and contributed to this overall shift toward remote programming.

This shift has also resulted in bi-directional streams for live interviews with remote subjects and talent. Executives and other staff also access low-latency streams to monitor live production from a laptop or mobile device using an encrypted connection to a cloud or on-premise stream gateway. 

Remote production has come at a time when consumers demand more live content and are willing to pay for it. For example, live sporting events, even niche ones, are a huge draw. Traditionally, the challenge with these events has been the high cost of sending remote production resources onsite. By harnessing REMI, sports coverage can be expanded to meet viewer demand while keeping production costs in check. 

Remote transmission of production over the internet not only enables broadcasters to reach audiences with niche content, it allows them to increase coverage of a major event by permitting more feeds from multiple cameras around a venue. With no cost restrictions around broadcast feed time, producers have greater flexibility in building programming around an event. 

REMI redefines video production services. It is limited only by the human imagination. It reduces the movement of both people and video equipment; increases production resources; and maximizes what a production team can accomplish in less time.

REMI offers video producers the flexibility to produce remotely, distribute and monetize more video content with fewer resources and at an amazing price point. Broadcast Beat Studios provides the best suite of remote production services anywhere.

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Before 2020, most events required your physical presence. Whether it was a work conference, convention or continuing education event, it required you to be there in-person. Things have been reimagined for the most part due to COVID-19. Events now require your virtual presence. Virtual events have been on the rise since early 2020 and all sorts of industries are creating amazing content. In 2019, Google Trends reported the rise in Virtual Events between December 2019 and November 2020.

What Are Virtual Events?

Virtual events are live stream virtual events that are remote productions using a computer or mobile device and in many cases, a centralized control room at a remote production studio. If you have attended a meeting, conference, concert, workout or class via a video conferencing tool such as Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype, then you have attended a live virtual event. Live virtual events can also be facilitated on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Virtual Event and Remote Production Considerations

The fact that an event is online does not mean there is less effort required to stage the event. In fact there is more that is required in planning and executing an event online. An online event consists of more moving parts.

Two very important things that you have to bear in mind are video quality and sound quality. Poor video quality and poor sound quality for an event will impact the image of the organization. More emphasis is needed to design the experience because it is more difficult to keep an audience interested and logged in to the event. The experience has to be curated in such a way that attendees want to stay logged in. It is on you, the organizer to keep the audience interested.

Some very important questions to ask when planning your virtual event:

Your event still needs to be promoted. If you are having a private event, you still need to promote it to the people you wish to target. Promotion involves informing people about your event in whatever way you choose to. We no longer operate in the era of the Production Concept of marketing which translates to “If you produce it, they will buy it”. We operate in an era where the Marketing Concept is alive and well. The Marketing Concept translates to “If you promote it, they will buy it.”

Virtual Events and Remote Production Opportunities

You can create an email list by requiring registration for events: As a business, an email list is a very valuable asset. It allows you to have constant interaction with your customers. You can use this to communicate new offerings to customers. It is also a very cost effective way of marketing your goods and services.  

You can reach a wider audience online: Virtual events allow you to reach a wider audience that you would not have been able to meet with a physical event alone. Hybrid events are starting to become popular. As the world learns to coexist with COVID-19, hybrid events will become the norm. Hybrid events are events that allow for a physical audience but are also live streamed virtual events online to facilitate an online audience. Hybrid events will become the new norm as a result of the fact that businesses have come to a realization. A realization that  they have an untapped market that is available to them using online means such as virtual events.

It would be difficult for a business to resume business only in the physical space. Hybrid events increase revenues. Through registration companies get  access to valuable information that can significantly cut marketing costs.

Hire a Remote Production Studio for Live Stream Virtual Events

The answer to this is simply put in two words – quality and reliability. Those words can be the difference between increased revenues, engagement and audience and loss in revenue, and poor engagement with limited audiences. It is simple but also the single most important factor to your success in business. It has become even more important with the way businesses have had to reimagine how their audiences can access their businesses as well as their offerings.

Hiring a professional video production studio to create your virtual event is a great investment, especially when you have money on the line. Professional video live stream virtual events services ensure the highest quality video. High quality creates a good perception of your company. This fosters trust from your clients and customers.

Having high-quality video gives you the opportunity to use the video multiple times for marketing purposes. You can build an audience through education. So regardless of the  service you offer or goods you sell, you can use educational and informative videos to create an audience. You can tap into this audience to close sales and increase revenue. Sales will directly result in more profit while marketing and advertising is used to create awareness for the most part. With that being said, informative videos are one way of marketing your business and offerings. So, YES, you absolutely need to produce these videos and have them in circulation. Your marketing strategies work when they are not readily perceived as marketing but rather as a means of helping in some way, shape or form.

The importance of having quality videos can not be thoroughly put into words, especially given the climate the world is now in with COVID-19. You no longer have the luxury of making an impression face-to-face. This now has to be done online. The higher the quality of your content, the more engagement you can garner. Engagement that can translate to revenue.

Higher quality material equals higher perceived value of offerings.

Across the world, there are medical professionals benefiting from online Continuing Medical Education video productions as an alternative to in-person events. Historically, medical education companies and Continuing Education organizations held events in attractive cities. The goal by having events in other is to draw medical practitioners (to travel) and access medical video productions with their peers. Over the last few years, CME companies have resorted to an efficient and affordable medium through which individuals can receive CME credits without having to leave the comfort of their home. This medium is live streaming.

While live streaming is certainly an effective method to connect students with the learning material and presentations they need, most educational institutions have not done a good job at ensuring the quality of these streams. High-quality Video Production Services are critical to the clear transmission of lessons to individuals seeking to receive CME credits.

In this article, we will discuss why it is critical to use a high-quality production service (with redundancy) to handle the live streaming of your Continuing Education Medical Courses.

1. Assessment of Redundancies

A professional video production services company with medical industry experience will ensure that the studio you will use when streaming your content is appropriate for a clean and consistent stream. They will ensure that you have access to multiple internet connections with failover. Failover means that your CME program will have a backup internet connection if one fails.

It is also the practice of professional video production services to ensure that you have more than one system through which you can stream. This ensures that you have a backup if your machinery fails you. These along with other matters pertaining to the consistency and quality of your stream will be made sure with the help of a professional video production company.

2. Real-World Experience

It is true that technology is very accessible and is now simplified for the average man to use. However, there are still some technicalities of video production and streaming that the untrained will not be able to maneuver. The experts at high-quality, professional video production services will be at your side to ensure that the technology runs smoothly. They will also be on hand to resolve any issue that arrives during the streaming of your CME programs.

3. The Visual Appeal of Your Medical Video Production

While you may have solid content that will transform the practice or knowledge of your CME students, if it is not visually appealing it will be difficult to keep your participants engaged. This engagement is important for them to learn smoothly and have actual knowledge and expertise behind the CME credits that they will receive from your institution.

In addition to keeping students engaged, the look of your live streams will have an impact on the brand identity of your institution. If your streams are sloppy and aesthetically disturbing, people will not take your Continuing Medical Education video production seriously.

This is especially important when your live events production is being sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies. Sloppy content delivery will also look bad on your sponsors. If you do not leverage the services of a high-quality video production service, you may have a hard time getting future sponsors.

Select the Right Video Production Service

Not all video production and live streaming professionals will know exactly what you need. Therefore, it is important that you invest time and thought into selecting the right video production company to handle your Continuing Medical Education courses. You will find that a company that already has experience in this area will be best because these professionals will be well acquainted with your video production needs.


With a high-quality video production service, you'll be able to deliver high-quality Medical Education content and keep them engaged. This will make the learning experience rewarding and increase the value of your institution.

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