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Whether you need a little help or complete management of your Broadcast, Virtual, Hybrid or In-Person event,  We've got you covered!
LIVE Stream for Studio D

Control Room Services

Broadcast Beat Studios regularly produces LIVE national television. Clients include ABC News, CNN, FOX, HBO, Newsmax, TBN, the National Association of Broadcasters and more. We have five control rooms, four studios, two insert stages and two locations integrated with our very impressive and redundant data center.

We also provide Remote Production Services (REMI) where your broadcast or event is located outside of our facility. Every control room has the ability to send/receive feeds from remote locations via IP and traditional satellite.

Four Soundstages, Two Locations

Our production facility has four large soundstages and two of them have massive LED Volumes for Virtual Production with motion tracking capabilities.

In addition to four soundstages, we have two insert stages located between two locations that are typically used for LIVE Shots with guests appearing on national television news programs.
LIVE fitness broadcast in the studio with full production crew and camera operators
Remote Production Camera

Remote Feeds Directly to our Control Rooms

Broadcast Beat Studios offers fully Remote Production Solutions over IP or traditional satellite. We simply utilize a combination of physical devices in the field and our control room gets the remote feeds for your live production. From there, our data center can send your show to the masses!

This exciting solution with many redundancies delivers outstanding performance at a low and predictable latency with superior reliability and broadcast-quality video.

Mobile Control Room

We have produced many live productions in locations like the Las Vegas Convention Center. The picture to the right shows us during a 53-hour live broadcast over six days. The show featured more than 250 guests. Broadcast Beat Studios regularly produces shows like this and includes producers, directors, audio, video, engineering, makeup, production planning and so much more.

LED Video Walls with Virtual Production Capabilities

Virtual production incorporates physical and virtual elements using a suite of software tools. We can film on a stage and view virtual graphics together in real-time. Imagine changing locations by simply swapping out backgrounds. Directors, actors, and producers can see the final assets and instantly make changes. No more tacky green screen projects!

With virtual production, visual effects are no longer just in post-production. Now, they are worked on throughout pre-production using pre-visualization. The old saying “fix it in post” is now “fix it in pre!” There are so many advantages for clients looking to capitalize on our virtual production studios.

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