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Virtual Production Studio
with LED Video Walls

Go Anywhere - Now!

Our Virtual Production Studios allow you to go anywhere and shoot so much more affordably than a traditional production. It's the ideal platform for filmmakers and creatives to shoot in-camera VFX using LED technology that’s revolutionizing the visual effects industry.
Video wall in Studio A

Motion Tracking

Reality technology mixed with other tech like Unreal Engine™ enables virtual production through real-time camera tracking, providing live pre-visualization of environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera while shooting. Additionally, real-time camera tracking enables live virtual broadcast graphics in indoor or outside broadcast, including installation on a handheld, Steadicam and cable-based systems.

We're LIVE in 3, 2,1 - Cue!

Broadcast Beat Studios regularly produces LIVE national television projects. Clients include ABC News, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, FOX, HBO, Newsmax and the National Association of Broadcasters. In addition, we have four studios, two insert stages and two locations integrated with very impressive and redundant data centers.
LIVE show in Studio A
Broadcast distribution services through our broadcast production data center

Broadcast Distribution

Broadcast Beat Studios provides Broadcast Distribution as part of our remote production service. Delivery methods include IP over Fiber through LTN Global, LiveU, VYVX or traditional KU-Band and C-Band Satellite Transmission. This includes both transmit/receive of signals.

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