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Harness the Power of Video Distribution

Not only must every successful business today be an internet-savvy information outlet, but private companies can now afford to become “broadcasters” for their own products and services. This is a radical change for global communications and one every business should take advantage of.

Broadcast Beat Studios is set-up to give any sized business a level of brand identity never before available. We can produce and distribute video content across all the free distribution platforms now available on the internet. With a strong, high-level marketing message and professional video production, your business can be transformed into a powerful private television broadcaster.

Our experienced staff has produced NAB Show Live, one of the largest trade show broadcasts in the nation. We featured demos of more than 50 streaming video platforms over several days, converting the National Broadcasters Association into a global platform for the television industry. We have also produced numerous other live and virtual events for businesses, both large and small.

Because of our deep well of experience, Broadcast Beat Studios specializes in all kinds of video production services — from corporate and trade organizations to broadcast TV production. We develop, design and produce any kind of television content.

Whether its hybrid or virtual events, remotes or specialty production, our team of television and live event producers work together to build an unforgettable televised production for your global audience. Our faculties, via IP connectivity, spans the globe. We can work from anywhere.

Video is the bold new communications medium of this era. Press releases and product photos are passe. It’s the age of branded content. Many private companies have done promotion and training videos, but how many are beaming video content throughout the world over their own private “television station?” 

The opportunity is here today. With free distribution now available on multiple outlets, it is possible to be a global television broadcaster at a surprisingly low cost.

Billions of people worldwide are watching branded videos online. 

With free distribution outlets like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter, the reach of your corporate video will find audiences in virtually every country. All these outlets add up to a superior but very cost-effective new medium to market companies via multimedia.

Of course, there are no precise formulas for corporate success and each business must design a specific narrative and marketing plan tailored to its individual attributes. At Broadcast Beat Studios, we can assist with any part of the marketing plan — from the original idea to the creation of compelling stories that speak to specific audiences.

We work with our clients on a range of services to develop a full multimedia approach to any video project. We can come to your location to work with you in developing an approach to the marketing or we can record any live event on location. We have four full production studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, two with LED walls for virtual sets. We can handle the entire script to screen to distribution process.

Should you desire to create your video at your office or studio, our virtual production services allow the graphics, switching and editing tasks to done via IP at our facilities. Any part of your current video package can be interfaced with ours.

In considering how to use video programming to your company’s benefit on the internet, it is important to remember the concept of “stickiness.” When a site is “sticky,” potential customers will return frequently. This means creating information of value while simultaneously marketing your product.

When traces of your company are all over the internet, you are connecting with like-minded people in online communities. During live programming, we can even accept user comments and questions from your audience in real time using our audience interaction system.

Broadcast Beat Studios can automate a 24-hour “channel” for your company, allowing linear promotional and training programs to be streamed around the clock, or served on demand. Your choice. The era of the flexible and cost-effective corporate television station has arrived.

Think creatively about how your company can embrace this powerful communications medium and become a video presence throughout the world. The age of branded content is here and Broadcast Beat Studios can be your partner in every stage in the process.

(If you are interested in exploring the benefits of television production for your business, call Broadcast Beat Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at 754-238-3200.)

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